My brother works in a company of metal shelving units, and we are full of pallets at home. Usually we use them for our fireplace, but some pallets are made with good quality and it is a shame burn them. My mom loves terrace gardening, so I decide to make a present for her with my hands.


For the whole fulfillment I spent 0,90 € that was the cost of some screws. I found all the others materials around my home. I used some chemical varnish but my dad wants throw them away, so I thought was better use them rather than waste them. Than I used some old and resistant plastic bags from  my neighbor to cover the bottom of ReVase, and I fill it up with stones and old bricks found around my home to create a layer for water basin. Than I put another layer of wet waste from my kitchen (it was really disgusting, but I am sure plants will thanks later) and in the end I put a layer of good soil taken from fields around my hose.    vaso 2My mom was really happy, so she asked another ReVase for the left side of the window. Darn it :P!

vaso 3-02-01

Mushrooms Farming

I am leaving in really magnificent area of Italy : good food, mountains, hills and sea. But with the Italian crisis we lost our purchasing power and work. My family was hard-hit by the crisis, both my parents lost their jobs almost four years ago. Life is still wonderful here but it becomes harder going on and on. In June 2014 I attended the Blue Economy Summer School which gave me a good positive charge to reinvent and to help my family with new zero emissions initiatives. We are working on the possibility of opening a small family business of mushrooms farming on coffee grounds planted, that my parents will be able to manage.


Tutta Frutta

Tutta Frutta is a project born from the desire to show how nature can be abundant and prosperous and to clean up our street promoting the ecological tourism. The idea is to plant autochthon fruits trees and not, along a short street (4 km) near a small town called Torre San Patrizio (my town), located in Marche’s hills, Italy. The idea can be spread out to all the surrounding and beyond. This street is alike almost all rural streets in Italy, full of invasive/infest trees (for the majority coming from Asia) that usually grows faster than autochthon threes and that block the growing of other trees competitors with allelopathic substance. The side street is ample and sometimes people toss trash and furnitures to get rid of, moreover the municipality does not care about this abandoned streets, and let weed and  invasive tree grow undisturbed. The street is used by many people to walk and run, especially in spring and summer, and as it is located on the top of a hill on the Adriatic cost with a wonderful panorama, the potential of the project is high. 5

Areas of opportunity 

Improve food security and food safety More access to fresh fruits Urban development Improve tourism Improve healthy life Improve sport Cleanliness and neatness of the street Reduce city’s carbon traces

My project started from me, I have planted some kernels to get free fruit trees for planting. The kernels were planted in organic substrate from my farm to guarantee a perfect growth; then the tree will be given to the community for Tutta Frutta Project. Furthermore a website should be developed to ask founds from the community. 6 7

My Red and Blue Chair

Bored at home, I decided to auto-produce my personal Red and Blue chair by Gerrit Rietveld, one of the most famous icons of design of the whole word.
Red and Blue 3-01

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