Remanufacture Urbanears

What should you do when a piece of your favorite object (still working) deteriores?

It is not an easy task, because you are attached to it and want to keep using it forever. It was the same case with me and my Urbanears’ headphones, I bought them in Istanbul and I am really attached to it for different reasons, but one day it started to deteriorate. I was annoyed because of it:

Urbanears headphone vecchia

I started not to use it anymore and think about getting a new headphone. But then I realized that it was still working very well. So, why should I buy another headphone when I can remanufacture some pieces of it? I started to disassemble my headphones …

After disassembling it, I went to my uncle (a leather cutter) to ask for a piece of blue scrap leather and I cut and sewn it with the help of my mom.

When the work was finished, I was happy to take my headphones back and recapture their value without having wasted any new virgin material or energy.


Considerations: This product wasn’t designed for remanufacture, but thanks to the knowledge of my mom, we could regenerate some parts of it and give it a second chance of life. In general, this product belongs to the category of linear model products: take-make-dispose. But how efficient would an economic model that maintains, repairs, reuses, redistributes, refurbishes, remanufactures, or recycles be?

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