UFC System Book

Project developed at California Polytechnic State University and University of Camerino | Master’s Project Degree | San Luis Obispo, California and Ascoli Piceno, Italy | April 2012

During the preparation of my thesis, an important role has been entrusted to the graphics elaboration, this in order to make better understand the my message. In fact, the layout of UFC System Book is clear and simple.


Urban-fog-collector-system-book-coverUFCS-Book-2The book has been designed using different types of papers, this to transmit tactile sensations, as well as visual, to the readers. For instance I chose a very rough and opaque paper to explain the fog catcher designed in the history while I chose a different type of paper, very shiny and smooth, for the futuristic concept.

UFCS-Book-3UFCS-Book-4 UFCS-Book-15UFCS-Book-6 UFCS-Book-7UFCS-Book-8UFCS-Book-9 UFCS-Book-10UFCS-Book-11UFCS-Book-12UFCS-Book-16UFCS-Book-13UFCS-Book-14

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