When a shingle becomes smart.

Project developed in collaboration with Kontra Istanbul Architecture and University of Camerino | Istanbul , Turkey | June 2013

My project began with a question; how can I help people getting free water for domestic use, even in a place where it is difficult to store rainfall water  and where water is highly requested like in big city? My thought was not pointed towards the world water problem itself, but about the respect of this resource. Everyday we lose a big amount of water, pumping and transporting it all around the countries. 

Analysis of the project

To assist with the project I looked into how nature managed a precious resource of water. This lead to the creation of a design process that was used throughout the project.



Operations of Smartegola

  1. Smartegola thanks its first layer crates a ventilated roof to allow air flow while insulating the house.
  2. Thanks to its fluid dynamic design, Smartegola makes the rainwater slow down and get into the shingle.
  3. The rainwater is filtered by a special sand that purifies water and which removes the solids suspended in the fluid.
  4. The water after being filtered gets collected into the tank.
  5. Smartegola has an integrated transparent photovoltaic panel – onyx solar glass – that allows UV rays pass through it, to disinfect the water and produce clean and free energy for the house.
  6. Solar water disinfection – the SODIS method – is a simple method to disinfect water. The rainwater, already filtered a first time with the sand, is left inside Smartegola for at least 6 hours of sunshine, during this time, the UV-radiation of the sun kills diarrhea-causing pathogens and other diseases in a natural way.
  7. The mirror at the base of Smartegola has the function to reflect light even within the tile, improving the action of UV.
  8. After 6 hours of sunshine the water is allowed to join the house water system, to be used. The water, thanks to the high position and the force of gravity, falls down without any pumping energy – Watergy -, saving at the same time energy, water and money.

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