Le tour du café

Project developed at University of Camerino | Bachelor’s Project Degree | Ascoli Piceno, Italy | October 2008

Fotomontaggio tour du caffè areoporto
Le-tour-du-café-sketchCoffee is an “art”, and just like any art it reflects the culture and the origin of who makes it. The concept of Le Tour Du Café comes from the exploration of different tastes and different preparations of coffee in the world. Each of these, multi-sensory experiences, hide traditions and stories that need to be explored along with touch, smell, sight, hearing and of course taste of the coffee.

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Ergonomics and design

Le Tour Du Café wants to introduce the curious customers to new experiences. Thanks to its special conformation Le Tour Du Café allows guests to watch the method of preparation of coffees, as it is, along with the taste, an important key part of this beverage.


viste cotture caffè

The work in the back of the bar can be very tiring, despite the assistance provided by the many accessories and appliances. Good organization of spaces can reduce the paths “obstacle” and unnatural movements and unnecessary.
The arrangement of the various areas of the platforms, to the distance, the organization of rational paths are then the starting point for making work in the Le Tour Du Cafe a nice and practical.




Ergonomia 2-01-01Le Tour Du Cafe is composed by five hexagonal platforms that are anchored to each other, where the center hexagon is the area for the preparation of coffee and those all around are for coffee tasting. The project could be sponsored by different famous chains of coffee to lower the production costs of the platforms. Each platform could be characterized by a color and a graphic play of the logo of the sponsor, which in this case are: France (yellow), Italy (blue), America (green) and Turkey (purple).



The structures of Le Tour Du Café are in steel to ensure maximum safety for customers and employees who work there, the structure is thin and simple, to be assembled and disassembled quickly, because Le Tour Du Café is an itinerant and temporary coffee shop that can be placed outdoor or indoor.

Strategic design

The project aims to investigate and bring different cultures through the widespread phenomenon of coffee, an infographic shows customers “The Anatomy of Coffee” by countries; from the harvesting of coffee beans, through the methods of preparation and some variants of coffee, up to the dessert to associate with the coffee.


Le Tour Du Café could be sponsored also from growing coffee brands, who wants to invest in advertisement worldwide.


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